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  • Energy storage

  • Material recovery

  • Energy recovery

  • Rational use of resources

Profile and Vision

The issues associated with meeting the growing demand for energy, sustainable management of natural resources, and the reduction of the amount of produced waste as well as the nuisance related to waste generation,  are among the key challenges faced by civilization. A prerequisite for sustainable development of urban areas will be an integrated approach to these issues, so as to ensure the quality of life of citizens while reducing the negative impact of civilization on the environment.

An expression of such an approach is the concept of SMART CITY, combining the development of urban areas in a manner that improves the quality of life of residents with concern for the surrounding environment through the development and application of innovative technologies. An important element of the SMART CITY concept consists in intelligent systems rationalizing the consumption of resources (i.a. in the area of energy, waste, water and sewage management).

CENTRUM TECHNOLOGII defines its mission precisely in the area specified above, offering technical and technological solutions in the field of waste and energy management, and ensuring the rationalization of resource consumption.