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New quality in waste management – the automatic waste collection system (AWCS)

Currently used systems for collection and transport of waste are involving a number of nuisances such as:

  • negative environmental impacts (e.g. emissions and noise caused by collection vehicles, odor complaints, difficulties in carrying out selective collection in an effective way),
  • difficulties in complying with hygiene standards, both for the properties (for example odors) and the waste collection staff dealing with waste,
  • negative visual impacts (containers and waste bins, often overfilled by waste),
  • collisions resulting in limitations in fulfilling the basic functions of buildings and sites.

The increasing expectations of users relating to the quality of the environment they live and work in, make compromises becoming less acceptable, especially in regard to buildings and areas that want to stand out above average environmental, technological and functional standards.

Automatic waste collection system (AWCS) is a high-tech solution, aimed at eliminating the aforementioned inconveniences associated with waste management, and thus - defining new quality collection systems and collection facilities. It can be clearly seen how it improves the aesthetics of the environment and reduces the discomfort caused by e.g. periodical appearance of the waste collection vehicles, overflowing of the traditional containers and formation of odors. Metro Taifun solution substantially increases the functionality and environmental standards of residential real estate, public and industrial buildings, setting new trends.


Metro Taifun system is based on columns / opening slots interconnected by flexible composite pipe system leading to a central storage and possible waste compaction point, from which the waste is collected by a specialized vehicle.

The main advantages of automated waste collection system - Metro Taifun are:

High aestetics,
High hygiene standards,
​A wide range of proven system solutions implemented across Europe and worldwide


Metro Taifun system provides comfort, safety, and functionality for its users. Ability to match solutions to the type of space development, nature of the building or planned waste collection system, guarantees the functionality and in the same time causes significant increase of the the attractiveness of the object / objects or even the whole area.


High aesthetics

Metro Taifun system substantially increases the aesthetics of your location, allowing you to offer a higher standard of the real estate. It also contributes positively to the reception of the facility and the entire environment for its users. A rich range of shapes and sizes of components of the Metro Taifun system makes that the solutions perfectly integrate with local architecture regardless the dominant building structure or nature of the area.



However, regardless the offered standard solutions, the scope of Metro Taifun products and applications allows each time to create solutions "tailor-made", matched to individual needs and requirements, taking into account specific local conditions.


The installed Metro Taifun system can be modified at any time by increasing the number of columns (in the areas of dispersed habitation and large volume buildings) or opening slots (in the multi-floors buildings) as well as developed according to the increasing demands and expectations of the system. In the case of a change of legislation or market needs, it is possible to change the type of the material collected by the system or increase the types of waste received, without a need for significant modification of the existing transmission infrastructure.

Metro Taifun application can be designed and adapted to the local conditions ensuring adherence to very high aesthetic standards with maintaining of its flexibility at the same time.

High hygiene standards

Selection of automatic waste collection system (AFCS) almost completely changes the face of the waste collection system in the area. No need for emptying of the containers on the regular basis substantially affects the improvement of hygienic standards, reducing the risks associated with the occurrence of nuisances such as odor or associated with the rodents. Another important issue is limitation of the amount of waste collection vehicles, and nuisances associated with it (noise, traffic, hazards associated with the presence of unauthorized persons), which are in principle eliminated.

A wide range of proven system solutions implemented across Europe and worldwide

Metro Taifun system elements guarantee high aesthetics of the area and are tailored to the needs of the customer, i.e. impressive scope of system components help to adapt it to the needs of dispersed habitation, industrial plants or public utility buildings, what makes planning of a coherent system solution easier. High quality of the associated infrastructure provides long term operation without interference into the system. Also advanced R&D facilities, enable for delivery of components of the system with proven quality and durability.


Metro Taifun guarantees achievement of the results in the form of a new quality in the local waste collection system, significantly improving the local environment. The solution reflects the current trends in the construction of modern waste collection systems in our country, increasing at the same time the value, safety and attractiveness of the area where it was applied.